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Our Team

DiSanto & DiSanto, PLC provides personalized and comprehensive legal services in immigration and
nationality law to individuals, families, employers and employees, with an established emphasis on
employment-based and family-based immigration issues.


Our offices are located in Scottsdale, Arizona; however, we serve clients and prospective clients in the Phoenix metro area, throughout the state of Arizona, as well as nationally and internationally.

Although our law firm is located in Arizona, immigration law is federal law, and it applies equally to all states. This allows us to successfully represent our client's immigration needs wherever they live or do business. DiSanto & DiSanto, PLC can assist you with your immigration issue, even if you live in a different state or country.
We are readily available to all of our clients and potential clients wherever they are located, whether it’s a phone consultation, an office visit, or communication via email, or Skype.

If you would like additional information regarding your specific immigration issue, please contact our immigration law office to schedule a one-hour consultation.
Legal Fees


Consultation Fee:   

Office, Skype or Telephonic Consultation (one-hour): $150.00  


Our Firm charges flat rate legal fees for most immigration legal services, which are clearly defined in our Legal Services Agreement.

Although immigration filing fees are set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), our immigration Legal Fees cover our professional services, which are both reasonable and competitive.  

Our Legal Fees are paid in two or more installments, spreading the cost of legal services over the course of the immigration process.


To further ease the financial burden on our clients, we also accept Visa and Master Card.     


All Legal Fees for immigration law services are discussed with clients on an individual basis, and no contract is created until a Legal Services Agreement has been signed by the client.  Thank you for considering the use of our immigration legal services.  


We look forward to working with you.   

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